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Spanish Word: pagaré

English Translation: promissory

Translated sentences containing 'pagaré'
Yo le pagaré todos los viernes.
I will pay you every Friday.
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  despabilado - frisky, lively
  impermeable - raincoat, rainproof, vatertight,...
  negligente - careless
  huevos - eggs
  baladi - nugatory
  acumulador - accumulator, storage battery
  siga adelante - go!
  versión - version
  timbrado - stamping
  menta verde - spearmint
  disponible - available
  solista - soloist
  rescatador - rescuer
  autobús - bus, autobus, omnibus
  realización - completion, realization
  tactico - tactical
  circulen - go on
  insomnio - insomnia, sleeplessness
  matanza - killing, massacre, slaughter
  veraneante - vacationer

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