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Spanish Word: obscenidad

English Translation: bawdiness, obscenity, ribaldry, smut

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  roca - rock, reef
  exclusivo - exclusive
  pestilencia - pestilence
  cosa enorme - whopper
  atacante - assailant
  millonĂ©simo - millionth
  masa terrestre - land-mass
  discrecion - discretion
  intimidad - intimacy, privacy
  curvo - crooked, curve
  ambicioso - ambitious, ambitiously
  enredoso - delicate, scabrous, touchily, touchingly
  mordaz - mordant
  retardador - slow motion, slow motion apparatur
  infortunado - unfortunate
  inseguridad - unstableness, unsteadiness, unsureness
  disgustado - disaffected, discontent,...
  clasicismo - classicism
  cohecho - bribery
  tres veces - thrice

Popular Phrase: how to say later | Conjugated Verb: abultar - to bulge up, to beef up [ click for full conjugation ]