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Spanish Word: náusea

English Translation: nausea, qualm

Translated sentences containing 'náusea'
¿Usted tiene náusea o vómito?
Do you have nausea or vomiting?
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  rodeo - detour
  belicosidad - disputatiousness, litigiousness
  imposible - impossible
  dichoso - blissful
  indefinible - indefinable
  cuánto? - how much?
  trinidad - trinidad
  sucesión - sequence, succession
  mazo - mallet, maul
  bracero - labourer, unskilled worker
  runa - rune
  contenido - contents, volume
  extensivamente - extensively
  mueble - furniture
  nitrato - nitrate
  facultad - warrantirs
  quebradura - fraction, hernia, quotient, rupture
  inminencia - imminence
  cedazo - sieve
  equivalente - equivalent, equivalently

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