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Spanish Word: marea baja

English Translation: tide (low)

Translated sentences containing 'marea baja'
¿Cuándo es la marea baja?
When is low tide?
¿A qué hora es la marea baja?
What time is low tide?
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  comparativo - likening
  magistral - magisterial
  escorzo - foreshortening
  detección - detection, spotting
  cardiograma - cardiogram
  disociacion - disbandment, resolution, solution
  lexicografía - lexicography
  horca - crotch, gallows, pitchfork
  familiarmente - colloquially
  melodramático - melodramatic
  maniquí - mannequin
  externo - external, outer
  quebrado - broken, fractured, fractionally,...
  punzante - biting
  ringla - range, row, tier
  gemido - groan
  chinchilla - chinchilla
  peticionario - petitioner
  ruedas - wheels
  sacrificio - sacrifice, oblation

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