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Spanish Word: justamente

English Translation: justly

Translated sentences containing 'justamente'
El colegio está justamente enfrente de la casa.
The school is just in front of the house.
Justamente por eso no quiero hablarle.
That's exactly why I don't want to talk to you.
   – Justamente iba a anunciarlo ahora.
   I was actually just about to make an announcement to that effect.
SOLVIT es justamente eso.
That is what SOLVIT is.
¡Justamente todo lo contrario!
We are just the opposite!
Justamente, al contrario.
Quite the opposite in fact.
Hemos logrado justamente lo contrario.
We shall obtain the very opposite of what we want.
De esto se trata justamente.
That is what this is about.
Éste es justamente el problema.
That is precisely the problem.
Es justamente lo que haremos.
That is precisely what we are going to do.
Esta es justamente nuestra posición.
This is precisely our position.
Pero es justamente lo contrario.
Exactly the opposite is true.
Es justamente lo que no querríamos.
That is precisely what we would not want.
Justamente ahí hay grandes oportunidades.
It is precisely these areas which offer great opportunities.
Pero quisiera justamente no hablar de éstas.
I am thinking in this respect of the important issue of taxation which I am not, however, going to talk about.
Se ha abierto hace justamente una semana.
It was opened barely a week ago.
El informe Miller demuestra justamente lo contrario.
The Miller report is evidence to the contrary, defining things that are self-explanatory.
Justamente en este punto rompemos el sistema.
We are now creating an inconsistency around precisely this point.
¿Por qué justamente en esta materia?
Why should it be done specifically within this area?
Creo que deberíamos hacer justamente lo contrario.
I believe that we should be doing exactly the opposite.
La situación actual es justamente la contraria.
The situation today is completely the opposite.
Lo que sucede es justamente lo contrario.
The opposite is actually the case.
En realidad, dije justamente lo contrario.
I actually said the exact opposite.
De eso trata justamente el informe.
This is precisely what the report is about!
Creo que es justamente lo contrario.
I think it is quite the opposite.
Esa es justamente mi manera de verlo.
That is exactly how I see it.
Es esto justamente lo que va a cambiar.
It is this, therefore, that is going to change.
Se da el caso justamente contrario.
Exactly the opposite is the case.
Creo que sucede justamente lo contrario.
I think that the opposite is the case.
Esto es aplicable justamente a la agricultura.
This applies specifically, and especially, to agriculture.
Porque justamente de eso se trata.
Because that is the crux of the issue.
Justamente no son temas de política municipal.
These are not matters for local authority politics.
Justamente en este punto falla la Comisión.
On this precise point, the Commission has done nothing.
Termina justamente con glasnost y con Gorbachov.
One sign of glasnost is that nothing happens.
Eso es justamente lo que hacemos.
That is precisely what we are doing.
Es justamente algo muy positivo, tal como Europol.
It is, in fact, something very positive. Just like Europol.
Justamente por este motivo, esta decisión es tan importante.
That is precisely why this decision was so extraordinarily important.
Esto transmitiría, sin embargo, justamente la señal equivocada.
That would be precisely the wrong signal.
Esto es importante justamente en el caso que nos ocupa.
This is particularly important in this case.
Esto es justamente lo que debemos decirles a los jóvenes agricultores.
That is precisely what we have to tell the young farmers.
Las políticas de cohesión y regional tratan justamente de esto.
This is, of course, precisely what cohesion policy and regional policy are about.
Un primer paso obvio es justamente el sistema ferroviario transeuropeo.
The trans-European railway systems, in particular, constitute an obvious first step.
La política europea del azúcar, justamente, no merece un juicio semejante.
The European sugar market policy, of all policies, has done nothing to deserve a judgement of this kind.
¡Esto es justamente lo que no hace el presente informe!
This is precisely what this report does not do.
Y el informe Caudron se refiere justamente a estos aspectos.
The Caudron report quite rightly addresses these aspects.
De hecho, se diría que está ocurriendo justamente lo contrario.
In fact, the very reverse seems to be the case.
Señor Comisario, usted justamente ha citado la iniciativa Everything but arms.
Commissioner, you mentioned the 'Everything but arms' initiative, and rightly so.
Yo creo que se debe hacer justamente esto.
These are precisely the sectors that are in need of liberalisation.
Lo que necesitamos son justamente buenas ideas nuevas.
And new ideas are exactly what we need!
Este camino es justamente el que desea seguir mi grupo.
It is also precisely this route that my group too wishes to go down.
De esto es justamente de lo que se trata.
This was exactly the point.
Pero justamente esto es lo que todavía no se aprecia.
So far, however, it is precisely this that we have yet to see.
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