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Spanish Word: invención

English Translation: invention, concoction, contrivance, figment

Translated sentences containing 'invención'
Hacer una nueva invención requiere mucha creatividad.
Making a new invention requires a lot of creativity.
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  mediato - indirect
  poniente - waistcoats
  escurrido - slight, thinly
  proyector - projector
  alcachofas - artichokes
  simulvcneo - at the same time, simultaneous,...
  carne picada - ground meat, mincemeat
  desbordamiento - overflowing
  gilipollas - dickhead / arsewhole
  parque cibernético - cyberpark
  invitación - invitation
  en parte - partly
  herrería - ironworks, smithy
  reminiscencia - reminiscence
  pasito - quietly, silent
  requisito - formality
  celosia - blinds
  grasa - fat (n), grease
  neblinoso - hazy
  cubilete - dice box

Popular Phrase: childrens spanish | Reflexive Verbs | Conjugated Verb: anotar - to write down, to make a note, to annotate [ click for full conjugation ]