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Spanish Word: inseguro

English Translation: insecure, shaky, unsafe, unsteady, unsure

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  tribunal - court, tribunal
  alerón - aileron, flap
  confesión - confession, shrift
  instrumentista - instrumentalist
  sacerdote - priest
  boticario - apothecaries, chemist
  blocao - blockhouse
  esperanto - esperanto
  moralista - moralist
  fundamento - groundwork
  camote - yam
  postraumático - posttraumatic
  dinosaurio - dinosaur
  amargamente - bitterly
  cuadrilátero - quadrilateral
  contacto flojo - loose connection, loose contact
  zelandia - zeeland
  pantera - panther
  sajón - saxon
  rencoroso - unforgiving

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