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Spanish Word: geométrico

English Translation: geometric

More Spanish -> English Translations
  versatilidad - changeableness, fickleness
  plenario - outright, thorough, totally
  asi - thus
  rega on - fractious
  herético - heretical
  gremio - guild
  hallazgo - finding
  uniformado - uniformed
  anaranjado - orange
  pilluelo - guttersnipe, urchin
  practicable - achievable, designable
  explorador - explorer, scout
  dialogo - dialog, dialogue
  circuito - circuit
  aventurera - adventuress
  cobertor - blanket, bedspread, spread
  trama - weft
  refracción - refraction
  temple - mettle
  depredador - predator

Popular Phrase: time in spanish | Conjugated Verb: calar - to soak, to cut a piece out to taste (frutas), to fret (madera), to make openwork (ropa) [ click for full conjugation ]