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Spanish Word: fisiología

English Translation: physiology

Translated sentences containing 'fisiología'
En el fondo quería estudiar fisiología, pero después se hizo médico.
He really wanted to study physiology, but he ended up being a doctor.
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  suplicante - supplicant
  diaconisa - deaconess
  magnesia - magnesia
  prorroga - deferment of payment, forbearance
  genérico - generic
  crisantemo - chrysanthemum
  duende - elf, goblin, hob, puck, sprite
  chillón - shrill, tawdry
  transfiguración - transfiguration
  cascarrabias - cantankerous
  tojo - gorse
  coronario - coronary
  advenimiento - advent
  confitado - candied
  inadvertencia - carelessness, inobservance
  concerniente a - pertaining
  desagradecido - ungrateful, ungratefully, unthankful
  colchón - mattress
  aciago - malign, portentous, sinister
  esfinge - sphinx

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