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Spanish Word: físico

English Translation: physique, physical, physicist

Translated sentences containing 'físico'
¿Cuándo tuvo el último examen físico?
When did you have your last physical examination?
Una fábrica es un lugar físico donde se produce algún objeto o material.
A factory is a physical location where an object or material is produced.
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  receptor - receptor, receiver
  espionaje - espionage, spying
  tiene hambre - hungry
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  sesos - brains
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  ablución - ablution
  langosta - lobster
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  calcina - mortar
  contribuyente - assessable, subject to taxation
  fiesta - party (n), celebration, festival
  menestral - artisan, craftsman, manufacturers,...
  restablecimiento - resetting
  coste unitario - unit cost
  expresamente - expressly
  cierre patronal - lockout
  musgoso - mossy

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