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Spanish Word: expresion

English Translation: expression, hard copy, locution, term

More Spanish -> English Translations
  conjuntivitis - conjunctivitis
  pulga - flea
  administrativo - administrative
  manifestacion - circularization, disclosure, publication
  ético - ethic, ethical
  culata - grip
  balsámico - balmy
  grafico - graphic, graphical
  absorción - absorption
  envoltura - envelopment, swaddle, wrap
  incestuoso - incestuous
  recíprocamente - conversely
  sedición - sedition
  rasgo - lineament, trait
  panera - pannier
  esterlina - sterling
  lingüística - linguistics
  enlazador - linkage editor, linker
  tachoso - deficient
  escuesecundaria - high school

Popular Phrase: spanish preterite | Spanish immersion programs | Conjugated Verb: tragar - to swallow, drink up, gulp down; to absorb, soak up; to put up with [ click for full conjugation ]