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Spanish Word: excento

English Translation: enfranchises, frees, liberates, libs, unshackles

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  destreza - adeptness, craft, dexterity
  desasosiego - disquietude, restlessness, unease
  presbiteriano - presbyterian
  reestructuración - rearrangement, restructuring
  deshabitado - uninhabited
  desmandado - disobedience, disobedient
  indistinguible - indistinguishable
  rodante - rolling
  parado - stagnantly
  chamaco - kid
  fisioterapia - physiotherapy
  subibaja - seesaw
  ninguno - none
  bujía - candle, spark plug
  isleño - islander
  marco - casement
  peon - handmaid, handyman
  colisión - collision
  gavetero - chest of drawers
  exteriormente - outwardly

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