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Spanish Word: excedente

English Translation: surplus

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  diplomatico - diplomatic
  mancha - mark, spot (stain), stain, blot
  calibre - bore, calibre
  brusco - abrupt, sudden
  bote salvavidas - lifeboat
  virtuosismo - virtuosity
  racha - squall
  paraguas - umbrella
  sumo - utmost
  acreditación - accreditation
  trabajo manual - handiwork
  chiflado - loony, madly, screwy
  intermitente - blinking, intermittent
  costumbres - customs officer
  chilla - clapboard
  mástil - mast
  condiscípulo - chum, schoolfellow
  vergonzoso - shy, diffident, timide
  refunfuñón - grumbler
  raspadura - erasure, scrape

Popular Phrase: spanish songs kids | Spanish Word for Love | Conjugated Verb: saltar - to jump, leap; to jump over, leap over; to omit, skip, leave out [ click for full conjugation ]