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Spanish Word: escision

English Translation: cleavage, fission, scission

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  varonil - manly, masculine, unfeminine, viril
  remachadora - riveter
  hemisferio - hemisphere
  en tránsito - transit (in)
  pensamientos - thoughts
  mostrador - counter
  armas - arms (weapons), emblem
  mosquito - mosquito
  desagüe - drain, drainage
  terrero - infamous, iniquitous, vile
  llama - llama, flame
  faringe - pharynx
  heroico - heroic
  nonagésimo - ninetieth
  abortista - abortionist
  universitario - academics, university graduate
  judaísmo - judaism
  extraterrestre - alien
  frente a - across from
  protuberancia - bulge, protuberance

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