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Spanish Word: ésa

English Translation: that

Translated sentences containing 'ésa'
Creo que he visto ésa película. No creo que tú la hayas visto.
I think I've seen that movie. I don't think you have seen it.
Ésa es la pacifista con quien te vi.
That's the pacifist whith whom I saw you.
Ésa es la descripción de mi puesto de trabajo.
That's the description of my job.
Ésa es una buena tasa de interés.
That's a very good interest rate.
Aquella clase es más grande que ésa.
That class over there is bigger than that one.
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  especificacion - indication, instruction
  específico - specific
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  mormón - mormon
  receta - recipe
  correo aéreo - air mail, airmail
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  intrépido - fearless, intrepid
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  delincuente - thug
  fluido - flowing, fluent, fluid
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  reabsorción - reabsorption
  communicación - communication
  cápsula - capsule
  descargo - acquittal
  fenomeno - phenomenon
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  igualmente - equally, likewise

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