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Spanish Word: en llamas

English Translation: aflame

Translated sentences containing 'en llamas'
¿Quiénes socorrieron a los vecinos del edificio en llamas?
Who aided the neighbors from the building in flames?
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  profundo - deep, profound
  hipersensible - hypersensitive
  cabrero - goatherd
  adrede - deliberate, intentionally, willful
  abdomen - abdomen
  infeliz - wretched
  perseguidor - chaser, tracker
  azulejo - tile
  brezal - heath
  dogmatismo - dogmatism
  ensordecedor - deafening
  expectacion - expectation, expection
  codicioso - greedy (money), covetous
  contraseña - password, countersign, watchword
  fantasmal - ghostly
  paracaídas - parachute
  hábilmente - cleverly
  difunto - deceased, defunct
  encumbrado - lofty, sublime
  ponderacion - assessment

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