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Spanish Word: empe ar

English Translation: pawn

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  cimiento - foundation wall
  cobardía - cowardice
  pino - pine, pine tree
  página web - web page
  peso pluma - featherweight
  paratifoide - paratyphoid
  universalidad - universality
  confín - confine
  alianza - alliance
  variedades - differences
  cañada - dale, glen
  estoque - rapier
  resurgente - resurgent
  desarticulado - disjointed, inarticulate
  imprevisión - improvidence, lack of foresight
  bajarse del - get off (bus)
  curia - curia
  poco natural - unnatural
  criticón - carping, faultfinder, faultfinding
  mirar fijamente - stare

Popular Phrase: querer in subjunctive | Conjugated Verb: efectuar - to effect, carry out, bring about [ click for full conjugation ]