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Spanish Word: la duna

English Translation: dune

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  la dureza - hardness, hardiness, toughness,...
  a - to, at, on, in, from, for; not...
  abajo - down
  abanico - fan
  abeja - bee
  abierta - act of opening
  abierto,abierta - open; p.p. of [abrir.]
  abono - subscription
  Abou - Abu (proper name)
  abril - April
  absurdo,absurda - absurd
  abuela - grandmother
  abuelo - grandfather; pl., grandparents
  abundancia - abundance, plenty
  abundante - abundant
  acaba de ver - he has just seen; [acaba por vender,]...
  acaso - perhaps
  accidente - accident, chance
  acción - action; share
  acerca de - in regard to, about

Popular Phrase: conjugation of exigir | Conjugated Verb: guinchar - perforate, pierce [ click for full conjugation ]