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Spanish Word: desvanecimiento

English Translation: fading

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  recorte - clipping, scrap
  criogénico - cryogenic
  usar de - exert, to deploy, to apply
  centinela - sentinel, sentry
  gabinete - cabinet, den
  enredo - muddle, tangle
  francesa - french lady, frenchwoman
  arqueología - archaeology, archeology
  por otra - in the other, on the other hand
  acorazado - battleship
  aguacero - cloudburst, downpour, rainfall
  posesivo - possessive
  raudal - tidal wave
  valentía - bravado, bravery
  repulsión - repulse, repulsion
  hurgón - poker
  menú - menu
  dar gracias - thank
  conjetura - assumption, guesswork, supposition
  abollado - battered, bumpy

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