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Spanish Word: cuesta abajo

English Translation: downhill

Translated sentences containing 'cuesta abajo'
¿El negocio va cuesta abajo?
Is the business going under?
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  cargado - charges, encumbered, encumbers
  pipa - pipe
  extremadamente - extremely
  legumbres - vegetables
  galán - beau, gallant
  polispasto - pulley
  de allí - from there, therefore, thus
  medicinal - medicinal
  consiguiente - according to
  bailarín - dancer
  internacionalización - internationalization
  incoloro - colourless, sallow
  escalera mecánica - escalator
  horma - formfeed, mould
  yema - burgeon, yolk
  rugby - rugby
  dócil - amenable, compliant, docile
  dramaturgo - dramatist, playwright
  apóstata - apostate
  cabecero - headrest, headboard

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