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Spanish Word: cuál

English Translation: which, which one

Translated sentences containing 'cuál'
¿ Cuál es su signo ?
What is his sign?
Ángel no sabe cuál es su signo.
Angel doesn't know which his sign is.
¿Cuál es la hora de salida?
What time is the departure?
Queremos éste. ¿Cuál ?
We want this one. Which?
¿Cuál perro es tuyo?
Which dog is yours?
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  sobras - leftovers (food), leavings, seconds
  peregrino - pilgrim
  antepatio - front court
  cangrejo - crab, crayfish
  cristalino - crystalline
  deliberadamente - deliberately
  peatón imprudente - jaywalker
  colectivo - collecting
  subrepticio - surreptitious
  cocherestaurante - diner
  despertador - alarm clock
  calcetería - hosiery
  retrospectiva - flashback
  cerca de - by (via), near, next door
  codificado - coded, encoded
  superposicionamiento - overlapping
  somero - sketchily
  justa - joust
  mentalidad - mentality, mind (n)
  racimo - cluster

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