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Spanish Word: cresta

English Translation: crest

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  creyendo - pres. part. of [creer]
  creyente - believer, faithful
  creyera - past subj., first form, of [creer]
  creyó - past abs. of [creer]
  cría - raising; brood
  criada - servant, maid
  criadero - breeding place
  criado - servant
  cristal - crystal, cut glass
  cristalería - glass, glassware
  cristiano,cristiana - Christian
  cuaderno - copy book
  cuadrado,cuadrada - square
  cuadro - picture; painting
  cual - which; [el ----=, who, which; =lo ----],
  cualquier - any, whatsoever
  cualquiera - whoever
  cuando - when
  cuanto,cuanta - as much as; all that; =---- más...,...
  cuarenta - forty

Popular Phrase: how to say to | Spanish Games | Conjugated Verb: desagradecer - to be unthankful for, to be unappreciative of [ click for full conjugation ]