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Spanish Word: coquetería

English Translation: coquetry

Translated sentences containing 'coquetería'
La coquetería es uno de sus defectos.
Flirting is one of his faults.
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  rumbon - freehanded, lordly
  guata - batting, wadding
  domesticado - tame
  conjetural - conjectural
  compresión - compression, crush
  jactancia - boastfulness, swagger, vaunt
  sudáfrica - South Africa
  alentador - encouraging
  amatorio - amatory
  parsimonia - parsimony
  rumbos - bearings
  membranoso - filmy
  grabadora - recorder
  aparente - apparent, apparently, seemingly, seems
  transatlántico - transatlantic
  inaplicable - inapplicable
  mugriento - grimy
  racionalismo - rationalism
  invencible - insuperably, unsurmountable
  llamar por - phone (v)

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