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Spanish Word: cítrico

English Translation: citric

Translated sentences containing 'cítrico'
La lima es un cítrico.
Lime is a citrus fruit.
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  amarradura - mooring
  espurio - spurious
  ininterrumpido - uninterrupted
  tendero - grocer, shopkeeper
  poción - poison, potion
  zumbon - deridingly, sneeringly
  átomo - atom
  pegajoso - gluey, sticking, sticky
  centenario - centenarian, centenary, centennial
  replica - copy (n)
  a sabiendas - knowingly
  isleta - islet
  arenoso - sandy
  shock - shock
  almacenaje - storage
  transformación - transformation
  viable - viable
  centauro - centaur
  nutrición - nourishment, nutrition
  letrero - street sign, inscription

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