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Spanish Word: chistoso

English Translation: wittily

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  feston - festoon, garland
  caminante - pedestrian
  bache - pole
  huelguista - striker
  hortícola - horticultural
  arquetipo - archetype
  a ella - her
  expreso - assertive, emphatic, explicit, formally
  incoherencia - incoherence, inconsistency
  molde - mould
  antídoto - antidote
  lavabo - washbasin, lavatory
  turbulencia - turbulence
  método - method, system, way
  meandro - meander
  acusacion - accusal, accusation, accusativeness
  elocuentemente - eloquently
  escalón - echelon, rung, stair
  adulterador - forger
  jacinto - hyacinth

Popular Phrase: learning spanish | Learn Spanish for Free | Conjugated Verb: picar - to prick, puncture, perforate; to sting, bite [said of an insect or snake]; to peck (at); to itch, sting [ click for full conjugation ]