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Spanish Word: carbohidrato

English Translation: carbohydrate

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  hedonismo - hedonism
  sin ceremonia - unceremonious
  soporte principal - mainstay
  decorador - decorator
  estrella - star
  inhumano - inhumanly, unhuman
  eugenésico - eugenic
  saturno - saturn
  conmutador - toggle switch
  acusación - accusation
  desigual - coarse
  arreador - assistant foreman, foreman, foremen
  tributo - tribute
  umbilical - umbilical
  lúcidamente - lucidly
  energía - energy
  camión - lorry, truck
  comodín - wild card
  inclinación - bent, droop, inclination, leaning,...
  simplificación - simplification

Popular Phrase: time in spanish | Conjugated Verb: calar - to soak, to cut a piece out to taste (frutas), to fret (madera), to make openwork (ropa) [ click for full conjugation ]