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Spanish Word: boletín

English Translation: bulletin, newsletter

Translated sentences containing 'boletín'
Suscríbase al boletín electrónico de la compañía.
Subscribe to the company's electronic newsletter.
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  red comunitaria - freenet
  brutal - brutal
  fino - dainty, delicate, refined
  eventualmente - eventually
  profesión - occupation, profession
  chasis - chassis
  cuadrafónico - quadraphonic
  fiscal - fiscal
  col) - stove
  siguiente número - next number
  idiosincrasia - idiosyncrasy
  inauguracion - inauguration
  automatización - automation
  escrupuloso - scrupulous
  terapia - therapy
  pelvis - pelvis
  sosegado - composed, restful
  helecho - fern
  berrenchin - violent temper
  cáustico - caustic

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