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Spanish Word: auriga

English Translation: charioteer

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  calzoncillos - shorts, drawers, underpants
  accionista - shareholder
  aquilino - aquiline
  espalda - back (body)
  ascendente - ascending, ascensions, assurgent,...
  descartado - castoff
  f├írmaco - pharmacon
  tirador - sniper
  izquierda - left
  especioso - specious
  trazado - tracing
  tranquilo - calm (adj), quiet (place), laid-back,...
  altoparlante - loudspeaker
  carrera - career, race (sports), bound, running...
  alfil - armature, runner
  valija - suitcase
  observaciones - remarks
  espectral - spectral, spooky
  marea - tide
  jadeantemente - breathlessly

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