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Spanish Word: antipático

English Translation: unpleasant (usually in reference to a person), unlikable

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  el sobrenombre - nickname
  concluyente - conclusive
  bisemanal - occurring twice each week, occurring...
  prodigioso - incredible, wonderful, marvelous,...
  maleducado - rude, bad-mannered
  desarmador - screwdriver
  la multitarea - multitasking, multitasking capability
  el subjefe, la subjefa - the person who is second in command
  archisabido - very well-known (referring to a fact)
  hipermétrope - far-sighted, long-sighted
  la antevíspera - day before yesterday, second day before
  la circunscripción - district (as of a country or city),...
  la conmiseración - compassion, pity, commiseration
  homologable - comparable
  el subcampeón, la subcampeona - runner-up
  multitudinario - very crowded
  el prefijo - prefix; dialing code, such as an area...
  malhumor - bad mood, bad temper
  pastoso - pasty, doughy, sticky, dry
  el merecido - something (usually negative) that...

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