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Spanish Word: anestésico

English Translation: anaesthetic

More Spanish -> English Translations
  montura - mounting
  providencia - providence
  ocasion - occasion
  durmiente - sleeping
  fútbol - football (soccer), soccer
  internet - internet
  consideración - advisement, consideration
  cortacircuito - short circuit
  gargarismo - gargle
  atajo - cutoff
  increible - unbelievable
  vivaracho - dapper
  profesionalismo - professionalism
  tigre - tiger
  reves - flipside, rear, reverse
  temperamental - temperamental
  sospecha - suspicion
  fecha actual - current date
  amigdalitis - tonsillitis
  polución - pollution

Popular Phrase: time in spanish | Conjugated Verb: calar - to soak, to cut a piece out to taste (frutas), to fret (madera), to make openwork (ropa) [ click for full conjugation ]