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Spanish Word: admirativamente

English Translation: admiringly

More Spanish -> English Translations
  irritable - excitable, touchy
  simpático - nice, nice (person), sympathetic
  cscensor - paternoster
  flamenco - flemmish
  acumulado - accumulated
  hilaridad - hilariousness, hilarity
  innato - congenital, inborn, inbred, innate
  congregacion - assemblage
  mercancías - goods, merchandise
  gata - female cat
  rudimental - untrained
  linaje - lineage
  fatuo - fatuous
  concreto - concrete, concretely
  salvoconducto - charter
  calígrafo - calligrapher
  en forma - fit (adj)
  hornillo eléctrico - electric range
  regmnemotécnica - mnemonics
  nivanterior - previous level

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