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Spanish Word: acuífero

English Translation: aquifer, aquiferous

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  lo siento - sorry
  a veces - sometimes
  sindicato - union
  roble - oak
  insípido - insipid, tasteles, tasteless, unsavory
  jaranero - reveler
  pasantia - time of probation
  ro ar - skimp
  expresividad - expressiveness
  motor - engine, motor
  parejo - simular, similarly
  canario - canary
  provisional - temporary, provisional
  resurrección - resurrection, resuscitation
  de madera - wooden
  astrológico - astrological
  coordinador - coordinator
  emocionante - exciting, discomposing, exiting,...
  perplejidad - disconcertedness, embarrassment, nonplus
  ordenación - ordination, sorting

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