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Spanish Word: academico

English Translation: scholastic

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  atlántico - atlantic
  bañero - bath superintendant
  relleno - filling, padded, padding
  residencial - residential
  estructura - conformation, outline, structure
  telefonista - operator, telephonist
  encaje - lace
  temeroso - fearful, scary, timidly
  exhausto - exhausted
  repleto - chock-full, replete
  catapulta - catapult
  calculable - computable, numerable
  hasta que - until
  victoria fácil - walkover
  baluarte - bastion, bulwark, rampart
  pérdida - loss
  contrabandista - smuggler
  piroja - redskin
  infinitesimal - infinitesimal
  estría - stria

Popular Phrase: online spanish | Conjugated Verb: regir - to rule, govern, be in charge of, be at the head of [ click for full conjugation ]