Spanish Verbs beginning with V  


vacar / to fall vacant, to be left vacant

vaciar / to empty

vacilar / to vacillate, to hesitate

vacunar / to vaccinate

vagabundear / to roam, to idle

vagar / to roam, to wander

valer / to be worth, to cost

validar / to validate

vallar / to fence in, to barricade

valsar / to waltz

valorar / to value

valorizar / to value

variar / to vary

vaticinar / to vaticinate, to foretell, to predict

vedar / to prohibit, to forbid (rarely used)

vegetar / to grow, to vegetate

velar / to vigil over (muertos), to stay awake, to expose (pelĂ­cula)

vencer / to defeat, to beat (competidores),
----- to expire/ be due (documentos/ fechas), to win (combates)

vendar / to bandage

vender / to sell

venerar / to revere, to worship

venir / to come

vengar / to avenge

ventear / to sniff, to air

ventilar / to ventilate

ver / to see

veranear / to spend the summer on vacation

verificar / to verify

versar / to be on

versificar / to versify

versionar / to do a cover version of, to cover

verter / to pour

vestir / to clothe

viajar / to travel

vibrar / to vibrate

viciar / to get into a bad habit

victimizar / to victimize

vigilar / to watch (cuidar), to guard/ keep watch on, to patrol (zona)

vigorizar / to invigorate

vincular / to connect, to relate

vindicar / to vindicate

violar / to violate, rape (sexualmente), break (leyes)

violentar / to force

visar / to endorse, to visa

visitar / to visit

vitalizar / to revitalize

vitorear / to cheer

vitrificar / to vitrify

vitrinear / to window shop (rarely used)

vituperar / to condemn, to vituperate against

vivificar / to revitalize

vivir / to live

vocalizar / to vocalize

vocear / to voice, to shout, to yell

vociferar / to shout, to yell

volar / to fly

volatizar / to volatilize

volear / to turn, to toss

voltear / to turn over, to roll over

volver / to return, to come/ go back, to do (something) again

vomitar / to vomit

vosear / to address a person using the vos form

votar / to vote

vulgarizar / to vulgarize

vulnerar / to wound, to hurt

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