Spanish Verbs beginning with R  


rabiar / to rage

racionar / to ration

racionalizar / to rationalize

radicalizar / to radicalize, to intensify

radicar / to lie (problema)

radiografiar / to x-ray

radiotelegrafiar / to radiotelegraph

raer / to scrape, to scrape off (pintura/barniz)

rajar / to crack, to tear

ralentizar / to slow down

rapar / to shave (cabeza)

raptar / to kidnap

rascar / to scratch

rasgar / to rip, to tear

raspar / to scrape

rasquetear / to scrape, to groom

rastrear / to comb (lugar), to track, to trail

rastrillar / to rake

rasurar / to shave

ratificar / to ratify

rayar / to scratch

razonar / to reason

reaccionar / to react

reajustar / to adjust

realizar / to carry out, to fulfill, to make (viaje), to conduct (prueba/entrevista)

reanudar / to resume

reamar / to rearm

reaparecer / to reappear

reasumir / to reassume

reavivar / to revive

rebajar / to lower, to reduce, to bring down, to discount

rebanar / to slice, to cut

rebañar / to mop up (informal)

rebatir / to refute

rebelarse / to rebel

rebobinar / to rewind

rebosar / to brim

rebotar / to bounce

rebozar / to coat (huevos)

rebrotar / to produce, to sprout

rebuscar / to search carefully

recalentar / to reheat, to warm over

recapacitar / to reconsider

recapitular / to recapitulate

recargar / to reload, to overload

recetar / to prescribe

rechazar / to reject, to repel

recibir / to receive, to get

recitar / to recite

reclamar / to claim, to complain, to demand/require (problema/situación)

reclinar / to recline

recuperar / to recuperate

recoger / to pick up (cosas), to gather, to harvest (cosecha)

recomendar / to recommend, to advise (consejos)

reconocer / to recognize, to acknowledge, to admit (errores)

recordar / to remember, to recall

redactar / to write, to compose (essay)

reducir / to reduce

reemplazar / to replace

reenforzar / to reinforce

referir / to refer, to tell (historias/experiencias)

refinar / to refine

reformar / to reform, to reshape, to alter, to revise

reforzar / to reinforce, to strengthen

refundir / to recast

refutar / to refute

regalar / to give a present/ gift

regañar / to scold

regar / to water, to sprinkle

regatear / to bargain, to haggle

regenerar / to regenerate

regir / to govern

registrar / to register, to record, to examine

reglamentar / to regulate

regocijar / to delight, to fill with joy

regresar / to come back, to return (cosa)

rehacer / to redo, to do over

rehusar / to refuse

reír / to laugh

reiterar / to reiterate, to repeat

relanzar / to throw back, to repel

relatar / to narrate, to tell a story

rellenar / to fill, to refill, to stuff, to fill out (formulario)

relumbrar / to dazzle, to sparkle

remarcar / to remark, to mark again, to accentuate

rematar / to liquidate

remorder / to bite again

remediar / to remedy

remirar / to look over again

remitir / to remit, to forward

remojar / to soak

remontar / to remount

remover / to remove

renacer / to be reborn

rendir / to yield

renegar / to renege, to deny

renunciar / to resign

reñir / to quarrel, to argue, to scold (Méjico -regañar)

reorganizar / to reorganize

reparar / to repair, to mend, to fix

repartir / to distribute, to hand out (papeles), to share (ganancias), to spread (esparcir)

repasar / to review

repetir / to repeat

reponer / to restock, to repair

reproducir / to reproduce

resecar / to over dry

resolver / to resolve, to solve (problemas)

respetar / to respect

respirar / to breathe

responder / to respond, to answer, to reply

restaurar / to restore

restituir / to refund, to give back

resucitar / to resuscitate

resultar / to result

retar / to challenge

retardar / to delay

retirar / to withdraw, to remover (quitar), to move/take away (apartar)

retrasar / to delay, to hold up, to postpone

retratar / to paint a portrait

reunir / to gather, to put together, to have (cualidades), to meet (condiciones)

revocar / to revoke, to repeal

revolotear / to fly around

revolver / to revolve, to stir, to go through (cajones/papeles)

rezar / to pray

ridiculizar / to ridicule

rimar / to rhyme

rizar / to curl

robar / to steal, to rob

rociar / to spray, to sprinkle

rodear / to surround

rogar / to beg, to pray (religioso)

romper / to break, to shatter

roncar / to snore

rondar / to patrol, to prowl

rotar / to rotate

rotular / to label

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