Spanish Verbs beginning with M  

macanear / to lie

macerar / to soak, to marinate

machacar / to crush, to grind

machar / to beat, to crush

machetear / to cut, to chop, to cheat (Argentina)

machucar / to bruise, to crush

madurar / to mature

magnificar / to magnify

magnetizar / to magnetize

magullar / to batter, to bruise

majar / to crush

malbaratar / to squander

maldecir / to damn, to curse

malear / to spoil, to change shape

maleficiar / to damage, to harm, to injure

malgastar / to squander, to waste

maliciar / to suspect

malinterpretar / to misinterpret

malograr / to waste (oportunidad), to spo

maltratar / to mistreat

mamar / to feed (bebé)

manar / to pour

manchar / to stain, to spot, to blot

mancomunar / to join together

mandar / to send, to order

manejar / to drive (autos), to manage (asuntos), to operate (vehículo), to handle (situación)

manipulear / to manipulate

mantener / to maintain, to keep up, to support, to provide for

manufacturar / to manufacture

manuscribir / to write by hand

maquillar / to make up, to put on make-up

maquinar / to machinate, to plot

maravillar / to astonish, to amaze

marcar / to mark

marchar / to march, to walk, to run (máquina)

mascar / to chew

masticar / to masticate

matar / to kill

materializar / to materialize

matizar / to match

matricular / to enroll

mediar / to mediate

medir / to measure

meditar / to meditate

mejorar / to improve

memorizar / to memorize

mencionar / to mention

mendigar / to beg

mentir / to lie

merendar / to have a snack/ refreshment

merecer / to deserve

meter / to put in/into

mimar / to pamper, to spoil, to indulge

mirar / to look (at), to watch

mitigar / to mitigate, to allay, to alleviate

moderar / to moderate, to reduce (velocidad)

modernizar / to modernize

modificar / to modify

modular / to modulate

mojar / to wet, to moist

mojonear / to spin a yarn, to tell stories (some countries)

moldear / to shape

moler / to grind

molestar / to bother, to pester

monologar / to deliver a monologue

monolopizar / to monopolize

montar / to mount, to go up, to get on

moquear / to run the nose

morder / to bite

morir / to die

mortificar / to mortify, to upset

mostrar / to show, to point out

mover / to move (things) FYI: to move residences = mudarse

movilizar / to mobilize

multar / to fine

muletear / to fight with the muleta (toro)

multiplicar / to multiple

municipalizar / to municipalize

murmurar / to murmur

mutilar / to mutilate

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