Spanish Verbs beginning with L  


laborar / to work ( rarely used. Most commonly used is: trabajar)

labrar / to plough, to cultivate

laburar / to work

lacear / to snare, to lasso

ladear / to tilt

ladrar / to bark

lagrimear / to weep

lamentar / to regret

lamer / to lick

laminar / to laminate

lanzar / to throw, to hurl, to fling, to launch (cohete espacial)

largar / to let go, to release, to loosen (informal)

lastimar / to hurt

laurear / to honor, to award

lavar / to wash

leer / to read

legalizar / to legalize

levantar / to lift, to raise

levitar / to levitate

lesionar / to injure

liberar / to liberate

liberalizar / to liberalize

librar / to save from

licenciar / to discharge

licitar / to put in, to submit a tender for

liderar / to lead

lidiar / to fight

ligar / to bind

limar / to file, to polish, to smooth

limitar / to limit

limpiar / to clean

linchar / to lynch

liquidar / to liquidate

lisonjear / to flatter

listar / to list

litigar / to litigate

llagar / to cause a sore

llamar / to call, to name

llegar / to arrive

llenar / to fill

llevar / to take, to ride (en auto), to wear (prenda)

localizar / to locate

llorar / to cry, weep

lloviznar / to drizzle

lograr / to achieve, to attain, to get

lubricar / to lubricate

luchar / to fight, to strive, to wrestle, to struggle

lustrar / to polish

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