Spanish Verbs beginning with H  


haber / to have (auxiliary)

habitar / to inhabit, to dwell, to live, to reside

habituar / to be trained/taught

hablar / to talk, to speak

hacer / to make, to do

hallar / to find, to locate, to discover

hartar / to annoy, to weary, to tire

hechizar / to cast a spell, to bewitch, to enchant

heredar / to inherit

herir / to wound, to harm, to hurt

hermosear / to beautify, to embellish

hidrolizar / to hydrolyze

higienizar / to clean, to sanitize

hilar / to spin (hilo)

hilvanar / to baste, to tack

hincar / to go down on one knee

hinchar / to inflate, to pump

honrar / to honor

huir / to run away, to flee, to escape, to slip away

hurtar / to rub, to steal

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