Spanish Verbs beginning with G  


galopar / to gallop

ganar / to win, to earn (dinero), to gain (ganancias)

garantizar / to guarantee

gastar / to spend money, to wear out, to use (electricidad), to play (bromas)

gatear / to crawl

gemir / to moan, to groan, to whine (animal)

generalizar / to generalize

generar / to generate

gerenciar / to manage

gestionar / to negotiate

girar / to turn around, to spin

gobernar / to govern

golpear / to hit, to crush, to strike

gotear / to leak, to drip

gozar / to enjoy

grabar / to record, to engrave

graduar / to adjust, calibrate (instrumento)

gravar / to burden

gravitar / to gravitate

gritar / to scream, to yell, to shout

gruñir / to grunt, to growl

guardar / to keep, to guard, to save

guiar / to lead, to guide

guisar / to cook (carnes, sopas)

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