Spanish Verbs beginning with F  


fabricar / to manufacture, to fabricate

facilitar / to facilitate

fallar / to fail

fallecer / to die

falsificar / to falsify

faltar / to lack, to miss (persona), to need

familiarizar / to famirialize

fatigar / to tire, to fatigue

favorecer / to favor

fascinar / to fascinate

fastidiar / to annoy, to pester

felicitar / to congratulate, to felicitate

festejar / to celebrate, to entertain, to feast

fiar / to sell on credit, to give personal credit

fijar / to fix, to fasten

finalizar / to finalize

financiar / to finance

fingir / to pretend, to fake/feign (alegría), to imitate (voz)

firmar / to sign

flamear / to flutter, to flap

flanquear / to flank

flechar / to sweep off (amor)

flirtear / to flirt

florecer / to flower

flotar / to float

foetear / to horsewhip

foliar / to foliate, to number (páginas)

fomentar / to promote

fondear / to anchor

forjar / to forge, to create, to shape

formalizar / to formalize

formar / to form, to shape, to set up (asociación), to make up (componer)

formular / to formulate

forzar / to force

fotocopiar / to photocopy

fotografiar / to photograph

fregar / to scrub, to mop (piso), colloq: pester / to bother

freír / to fry

frotar / to rub

frustrar / to frustrate

fumar / to smoke

funcionar / to function, to work/ run (máquina)

fusionar / to combine, to merge

fusilar / to shoot

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