Spanish Verbs beginning with E  


echar / to pour, to throw, to cast, to hurl, to fire (empleado)

editar / to edit

educar / to educate, to bring up, to rear

efectuar / to carry out, to perform, to execute

ejecutar / to execute, to carry out, to perform

ejercer / to exercise/ practice (profesión)

ejercitar / to exercise

elaborar / to elaborate

electrificar / to electrify

electrocutar / to electrocute

elegir / to choose, to elect, to select

elevar / to elevate

eliminar / to eliminate

elogiar / to praise

eludir / to evade, to avoid

emanar / to emanate

emancipar / to emancipate

embalar / to pack, to crate

embalsamar / to embalm

embarcar / to embark, to go on board

embargar / to seize, to distrain, to impound (auto)

embaucar / to trick, to con (informal)

embeber / to soak in/ up, to suck in

embelesar / to captivate

embellecer / to make beautiful

embetunar / to polish, to put polish on

embobar / to hold spellbound

embocar / to get/put in the basket (pelota), to hole (golf)

embojotar / to wrap up

embolatar / to mess up

embolinar / to confuse

embonar / to fit (tubos)

emboquillar / to point

emborrachar / to get drunk

emborronar / to smudge, to blot

emboscar / to ambush

embotar / to dull

embotellar / to bottle

embragar / to engage the clutch

embrear / to pitch, to tar

embriagar / to intoxicate

embrollar / to tangle, to complicate

embromar / to pester, to hassle

embrujar / to bewitch

embrutecer / to stultify, to make dull / mindless

embuchar / to stuff, to feed

embutir / to stuff with

emerger / to surface, to emerge

emigrar / to emigrate, to migrate

emitir / to issue, to emit

emocionar / to move, to affect, (-se) to get excited

empacar / to pack

empachar / to give an upset stomach

empadronar / to register

empajar / to thatch, to mix with straw

empalagar / to be cloying / too sweet

empalmar / to splice, to connect

empapar / to drench, to soak

empeorar / to get worse, to worsen

empezar / to start, to begin

emplear / to employ, to use .

enamorar / to fall in love, to enamor

encender / To ignite, to light, to turn on (luz), to awake/arouse (deseos), to start

encerrar / to lock up, to confine, to enclose

enchufar / to connect, to plug in

encontrar/ to find

enfadar / to irritate, to anger

enfrentar/ to face up, to confront (problemas)

enfriar / to chill, to cool

enfundar / to put in its case, to hoster (pistola), to cover

enfurecer / to infuriate

engalanar / to adorn, to dress up

enganchar / to hook, to hitch

engañar / to deceive, to trick

englobar / to include (global), to lump together

engordar / to put on weight

enjuagar / to rinse

enmascarar / to hide, to disguise, to mask

enmendar / to improve, to amend

enmudecer / to fall silent, to silence

ennegrecer / to blacken

enojar / to annoy, to anger

enorgullecer / to be proud

enrollar / to roll up, to wind

ensayar / to rehearse, to test

enseñar / to teach, to show, to point out

ensillar / to saddle

ensuciar / to dirty

entender / to understand

enterar / to inform

enterrar / to bury

entrar / to enter, to go in, to come in

entregar / to deliver, to hand over, to give

entretener / to entertain, to amuse

entrevistar / to interview

enunciar / to enunciate, to state

enviar / to send

envolver / to wrap up

equipar / to equip

equiparar / compare, to match, to make equal

equivocar / to make a mistake

erguir / to stand up straight, to raise

errar / to err, to wander / to roam, to miss (puntería)

escalar / to climb

escapar / to escape, to run away

escoger / to choose, to select

esconder / to hide

escribir / to write

escuchar / to listen to

escupir / to spit

esforzar / to strengthen, to encourage

espantar / to frighten, to scare

esparcir / to scatter, to spread

esperar / to wait, to expect, to hope

esposar / to handcuff

esquiar / to ski

establecer / to establish

estancar / to stop the flow of, to block, to hold up a deal

estar / to be

estimar / to estimate, to esteem, to respect, to value

estrechar / to narrow, to tighten

estudiar / to study

evacuar / to evacuate

evitar / to avoid

exagerar / to exaggerate

exaltar / to excite

examinar / to examine

exasperar / to exasperate

excavar / to dig, to excavate

exceptuar / to except

excitar / to excite

exclamar / to exclaim

excluir / to exclude

exculpar / to exonerate

excusar / to excuse

exhalar / to exhale

exhibir / to show, to display, to exhibit

exhortar / to exhort

exigir / to demand, to require, to urge

existir / to exist

expedir / to expedite

explicar / to explain

explorar / to explore

expresar / to express

exponer / to expose

exportar / to export

extender / to extend

extinguir / to extinguish

extraer / to extract

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