Spanish Verbs beginning with D  


damasquinar / to demask

damnificar / to be a victim (fire, flood, etc)

dar / to give

dañar / to damage, to hurt, to injure

datar / to date (carta, cuenta)

datear / to inform

deambular / to roam, to wander around

debatir / to debate

deber / to must, ought, to owe

debilitar / to weaken

debitar / to debit

debutar / to make one's debut

decantar / to decant

decapar / to strip (pintura)

decelerar / to decelerate

decepcionar / to disappoint

decidir / to decide

decimalizar / to decimalize

decir / to say, to tell

declamar / to declaim

declarar / to declare

declinar / to decrease, to decline

decolorar / to bleach

decorar / to decorate

decretar / to order, to decree

decuplar / to multiply tenfold

dedicar / to dedicate

deducir / to deduct

defeccionar / to defect

defender / to defend

defenestrar / to throw out of the window, to defenestrate

deflagrar / to deflagrate

defoliar / to defoliate

defraudar / to disappoint

deformar / to deform

definir / to define

degradar / to degrade

dejar / to let, to allow, to permit, to leave

delatar / to denounce, to accuse

delegar / to delegate

delinquir / to violate the law, to commit an offense

delirar / to be delirious

deliberar / to deliberate

delimitar / to demarcate

delinear / to outline, to draft

demarcar / to demarcate, to delimit

demeritar / to discret

demorar / to delay

demostrar / to demonstrate, to prove

demudar / to alter, to change

denegar / to deny, to refuse

denominar / to denominate, -se ( to be called)

denostrar / to revile

denotar / to denote

dentar / to teethe, to provide with teeth

dentellar / to chatter (diente)

denudar / to denude

denunciar / to denounce

deparar / to provide, to supply

departir / to converse

depauperar / to impoverish

depender / to depend

depilar / to depilate, to remove hair

deplorar / to deplore

deportar / to deport

depositar / to deposit

depravar / to deprave

depreciar / to depreciate

depredar / to prey on

deprimir / to depress

depurar / to purify

derivar / to derive

derogar / to derogate

derramar / to spill (agua), to shed (lágrimas)

derrapar / to skid, to spin

derribar / to knock down, to overthrow, to tear down

derrotar / to defeat, to beat

derrumbar / to demolish, to tear down

derruir / to demolish

desabollar / to beat the bents out

desabotonar / to unbutton

desabrigar / to unwrap ( con ropa ), to take off

desabrochar / to undo (ropa/ pulsera)

desacatar / to disobey

desacelerar / to decelerate

desacertar / to be wrong, to be mistaken

desacomodar / to untidy, to mess up

desaconsejar / to advise against

desacoplar / to uncouple

desacordar / to be in discord

desacreditar / to discredit

desactivar / to defuse, to deactivate

desadaptar / to disorient

desaferrar / to weigh anchor

desafiar / to challenge

desafinar / to be out of tune

desagotar / to empty, to drain

desagradar / to dislike

desagregar / to disintegrate

desaguar / to drain, to empty

desahogar / to give vent to

desahuciar / to evict, to dismiss

desairar / to snub

desajustar / to loosen

desalambrar / to cut the wire

desalar / to desalt

desalentar / to make breathless, to discourage

desalinizar / to desalinate

desalojar / to vacate, to move out

desamarrar / to cast off, to untie

desamortizar / to seize, to confiscate

desamparar / to abandon, to forsake, to desert

desamueblar / to remove the furniture from

desangrar / to bleed to death (morir)

desanidar / to leave the nest

desanimar / to depress, to discourage

desanudar / to untie, to undo, to unknot

desaparecer / to disappear

desapreciar / to underestimate

desaprender / to unlearn

desarrollar / to develop

desarticular / to disarticulate

desayunar / to have breakfast

desbaratar / to ruin, to wreck

descalificar / to disqualify

descansar / to rest

descargar / to unload

descender / to descend

desconcertar / to disconcert

desconectar / to disconnect, to switch off

descolgar / to unhook, to hang up

descollar / to protrude

descomponer / to break, to disrupt

descontar / to discount, to deduct, to disregard

describir / to describe, to delineate

descubrir / to discover

desear / to desire, to wish, to want

desechar / to discard, to throw away/out (restos), to reject (consejos)

desempeñar / to perform/ carry out (cargo), to play (papel), to redeem (joyas, reloj)

desencantar / to disenchant

desenvolver / to unwrap

desequilibrar / to unbalance

desgajar / to rip off, to tear off

deshacer / to undo, to get rid of, to take apart, to destroy

designar / to designate

desnudar / to undress

desmentir / to prove false

despachar / To take care of, to deal with, to serve

despegar / to take off (avión), to unglue (papel), to detach, to unstuck

despertar / to wake up (alguien)

desplegar / to unfold, to spread (mapa), to unfurl (velas), to display (talento)

desterrar / to exile, to banish

destruir / to destroy

desviar / to divert

detectar / to detect

determinar / to determine

deteriorar / to deteriorate

detener / to stop, to detain

devolver / to return, to give back, to refund

diagnosticar / to diagnose

dialogar / to dialog

dibujar / to draw, to sketch

dictaminar / to sentence

dictar / to dictate

diezmar / to decimate

difamar / to libel

diferir / to differ

digerir / to digest

dilatar / to dilate

dirigir / to direct

discriminar / to discriminate

discutir / to argue, to quarrel, to discuss (problema)

diseminar / to disseminate

disfrutar / to enjoy

disimular / to pretend, to cover up

dispensar / to dispense, to distribute, to exempt, to give, to extend

disponer / to dispose

distanciar / to space out, to grow apart

distinguir / to distinguish

distorsionar / to distort

distraer / to distract

distribuir / to distribute

disolver / to dissolve

disuadir / to dissuade

dividir / to divide

divorciar / to divorce

divulgar / to divulge, to make known

doblar / to fold (ropa), to bend (brazo), to double (número), to dub (película)

documentar / to document

doler / to ache, to be painful, to hurt, to cause grief/regret

domar / to break in (caballo), to tame

domesticar / to domesticate

dominar / to dominate

donar / to donate

dorar / to gild

dormir / to sleep

dotar / to endow, to bequeath

dudar / to doubt

durar / to last

duplicar / to duplicate

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