Spanish verbs beginning with C  


cabecear / to nod one's head when sleepy

caber / to be contained, to fit into

cacarear / to crow

cachar / to catch

cachetear / to slap

caer / to fall

calar / to soak, to cut a piece out to taste (frutas), to fret (madera), to make openwork (ropa)

calcar / to trace (dibujos)

calcificar / to calcify

calcular / to calculate

calcinar / to calcine

calentar / to warm up, to heat up

caldear / to heat

calefaccionar / to heat (home heating system)

calibrar / to calibrate (boiler)

calificar / to grade, to rate, to assess

callar / to be quiet

calmar / to calm

calzar / to wear shoes, to put on shoes

cambiar / to change

camelear / to tell lies

caminar / to walk

campar / to camp

campeonar / to win a championship

camuflajear / to camuflage

canalizar / to canalize, to channel

cancelar / to cancel

cansar / to make tired, to tire

canturrear / to sing softly to oneself

cantar / to sing

cañonear / to shell, to bombard

capacitar / to train, to prepare

capar / to castrate

capear / to make passes at

capitalizar / to capitalize

capitular / to surrender, to capitulate

capitanear / to command

capotar / to overturn

captar / to capture, understand (slang in Argentina)

caracterizar / to characterize

caramelizar / to coat with caramel

carburar / to carburet

carbonizar / to carbonize

carcajear / to burst out, to laugh

carcomer / to consume (envidia)

cardar / to card

carear / to bring face to face

carecer / to lack

carenar / to careen

caricaturizar / to caricature

cargar / to load, to burden

cargosear / to pester, to keep on at

carnear / to slaughter

carnerear / to scab

carpinterear / to do woodwork

carretear / to crawl along

carterear / to be robbed, to have bag picked

cascabelear / to rattle

cascar / to crack, to chip

casteñelear / to chatter

castigar / to punish, to chastise

castrar / to castrate

catalizar / to catalyze

catalogar / to catalog

catapultar / to catapult

catar / to taste, to sample

catear / to fail, to flunk (examen)

categorizar / to categorize

catequizar / to catequize

caucionar / to guarantee

cauchutar / to rubberize

causar / to cause

cauterizar / to cauterize

cautivar / to captivate, to charm

cavar / to dig

cavilar / to ponder, to deliberate

cazar / to hunt

cebar / to fatten (animal)

cecear / to pronounce the Spanish s as z like people in Spain

ceder / to cede, to yield

cedular / to issue identity cards to

cegar / to blind, to grow blind

cejar / to give up, to cease

celebrar / to celebrate

cementar / to cement

cenar / to have dinner

censar / to take a census of

censurar / to censure

centellear / to twinkle, to sparkle

centralizar / to centralize

cepillar / to brush

cerrar / to close

cercar / to fence in, to enclose

certificar / to certify, to register (carta), to attest

chapar / to cover, to plate with gold or silver

charlar / to chat, to talk

chiflar / to whistle, to blow a whistle

chillar / to complaint, to screech (pájaro), to squeak (roedor)

chinchar / to annoy, to irritate

chismear / to gossip

chocar / to collide, to crash

chistar / to utter (palabra)

chupar / to suck, to drink alcohol (Argentinean slang)

circular / to circulate, to move

citar / to make an appointment, to cite, to quote

civilizar / to civilize

clamar / to cry out

clarificar / to clarify

clasificar / to classify

clavar / to hammer, to fix on

cobijar / to cover, to shelter

cobrar / to charge (precio), to earn (sueldo), to recover (deuda)

cocer / to cook

cocinar / to cook

codear / to elbow, to nudge

coger / to grab, to seize, to catch

colar / to drain

colear / to wag

colgar / to hang (up)

colocar / to place, to put

colorear / to color

combinar / to combine

comandar / to command

combatir / to combat

comenzar / to start, to commence

comentar / to comment

comer / to eat

cometer / to commit

comparar / to compare

compartir / to share

compensar / to compensate

compatibilizar / to make compatible

competir / to compete

compilar / to compile

complacer / to please

completar / to complete

complicar / to complicate

componer / to compose, to fix (máquinas, reloj, calzado), to make up (jurado)

comprar / to buy, to purchase

comprender / to comprehend, to understand

comprobar / to confirm, to verify

comprometer / to compromise, to threaten, to jeopardize

comunicar / to communicate

conducir / to drive, to conduct, to lead

conceder / to concede

concentrar / to concentrate

concertar / to arrange, to agree

concluir / to conclude

condenar / to condemn

confesar / to confess

confiar / to trust, to entrust

confirmar / to confirm

confiscar / to confiscate

conformar / to conform

confundir / to confuse

congelar / to freeze

conocer / to know, to be acquainted with

conseguir / to obtain, to attain, to achieve (meta), to get

consentir / to consent, to allow, to spoil

considerar / to consider

conspirar / to conspire

constatar / to prove, to verify

contemplar / to contemplate

contentar / to make-become happy, glad

contraponer / to compare, to contrast

contratar / to contract, to engage, to hire

controlar / control

constituir / to constitute, to make up

construir / to construct, to build/ erect (edificios)

consultar / to consult

consumir / to consume

contagiar / to infect

contar / to count, to tell (cuento, chiste)

contener / to contain, to hold

contestar / to answer, to reply

continuar / to continue

contradecir / to contradict

contribuir / to contribute

convencer / to convince

convenir / to agree, to convene

conversar / to converse

convertir / to convert

convocar / to convoke, to call together, to summon

copiar / to copy

corregir / to correct

correr / to run, to race (carrera), to flow (agua)

corresponder / to correspond

corromper / to corrupt

cortar / to cut

costar / to cost

crear / to create

crecer / to grow

creer / to believe

criar / to raise, to bring up/ rear, to breed

criticar / to criticize

cruzar / to cross

cubrir / to cover

cuestionar / to debate, to discuss

cuidar / to take care

culminar / to end, to culminate

culpar / to blame, to accuse

cultivar / to cultivate

cumplir / to fulfill, to keep (promesa), to reach one's birthday (años)

curar / To cure, to treat (enfermedad), to recover/ get better (enfermo), to heal (herida)

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