Spanish verbs beginning with B  


bailar / to dance

bajar / to lower, to decrease, to turn down (volumen),
----- to take down (pantalones), to go down, to go out (marea)

balancear / to balance

balbucear / to stammer, to mumble, to mutter

balear / to shoot

balsear / to cross on a raft

bambolear / to swing

bandear / to cross (río) , to get over

banquetear / to feast

bañar / to bathe

barajar / to shuffle

barbechar / to plough

barrer / to sweep

basar / to base

bastar / to be enough/sufficient, to suffice

batallar / to struggle, to fight, to battle

batir / to beat (huevos), to whip

bautizar / to baptize

beber / to drink

becar / to give a scholarship

bendecir / to bless

beneficiar / to benefit

besar / to kiss

besuquear / to smother with kisses

blanquear / to bleach, to whitewash

blasfemar / to blaspheme

bloquear / to block

bobinar / to wind

boconear / to gossip

bochar / to squash, to flunk (estudiante)

bochinchear / to fight (informal)

boicotear / to boycott

bolear / to knock up, to knock a ball about

bolsear / to pick ( bolso -Mexico), to cadge

bombardear / to bomb

bonchear / to have a fight

bonificar / to subsidize, to award a bonus/discount

boquear / to open one's mouth

borbotear / to bubble

bordear / to go around, to skirt

bornear / to swing at anchor

borrar / to erase, to delete (información)

borrajear / to scribble

bosquejar / to sketch

bostezar / to yawn

botar / to fling, to throw away, to bounce (pelota -España)

boxear / to box

bramar / to roar

bracear / to wave

bregar / to struggle

brindar / to make a toast, to offer (amistad)

broncear / to tan, to bronze (estatua/metal)

brillar / to shine

brincar / to skip, to bounce

bromear / to joke

brotar / to sprout, to come up

brujulear / to fan out carefully (cartas)

bruñir / to polish, to burnish

brutalizar / to brutalize

bucear / to scuba dive

bufar / to snort

bufonear / to joke, to jest

buitrear / to throw up (informal)

bullir / to boil, to stir

burbujear / to bubble

burilar / to engrave

burlar / to evade, to make fun of

buscar / to look for, to seek

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