Use of the Future Indicative  

The Future

The future tense may be used to discuss future events.

El año próximo iremos a Nueva Zelanda.
Next year we will go to New Zealand.

La presidenta vendrá a verme mañana.
The president will come see me tomorrow.

When “will” is used to express the idea “to be willing to”
the future is NOT used in Spanish. Instead, you
should use the present of querer:

Will you be quiet?
¿Quieres callarte?

Will you stand still?
¿Quieres estarte quieto?

The future tense is also used to express conjecture
or probability
about the present.

This usage is different from English, which use
expressions like “probably”, “must”, or “I think”.

¿Dónde andará tu padre?
I wonder where your father is (now).

¿Qué pensará de mí?
I wonder what he thinks of me (now).

¿Qué hora será?
Serán las nueve.

I wonder what time it is (now).
It must be 9.

¿Cuándo viene Juan?
No sé. Vendrá tarde.

When is Juan coming?
I don’t know. He’s probably coming late.

The future tense is also used for formal commands.

No matarás.
Thou shalt not kill.

future events
Enrique nos dirá la verdad. - Enrique will tell us the truth.
Viajaré a Europa el mes próximo. - I will travel to Europe next month.
¿Quiénes vendrán conmigo? - Who will come with me?
Pondré la mesa en seguida. - I'll set the table right away.
Mañana saldremos para Madrid. - Tomorrow we will leave for Madrid.
El lunes iré al hospital. - I'll go to the hospital on Monday.
Comeré a las ocho. - I will eat at eight o'clock.
Comeremos en el restaurante Habana el viernes. - We'll eat at Habana Restaurant on Friday.
Viviré en California el próximo verano. - I will live in California next summer.
Irás a la playa cada día. - You will go to the beach every day.
Buscaremos conchas. - We will look for seashells.
El próximo año, viajaré a Los Estados Unidos. - Next year I will travel to the United States.
Las clases terminarán pasado mañana. - The classes will finish the day after tomorrow.
Iré al supermercado contigo. - I will go to the supermarket with you.
Qué harás esta tarde? - What will you do this afternoon?
Saldré con mis amigos. - I will go out with my friends.

conjecture or probability in the present time
¿Dónde estará María? - Where do you think Mary is (now)?
Estará en casa. - She is probably at home (now).
¿Quién será? - I wonder who it could be?
¿Será tu mamá? - Could it be your mother?

¿Qué hora es? Serán las ocho. - What time is it? It is probably 8:00. (I think it's 8:00)
Estarán casados Margarita y Manuel? - I wonder if Margarita and Manuel are married?

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