debiera y quisiera  

Quizzes - "debe" vs. "debiera"

Quisiera is often used to express "would like".

Quisiera un vaso de agua.
I would like a glass of water.

Quisiera ir a Perú algún día.
I would like to go to Peru some day.

¿Quisieras acompañarme?
Would you like (want) to go with me?

Note: The conditional, querría, is generally avoided.

Debiera is often used to express "ought to".

Usted debiera dormir más.
You ought to sleep more.

Usted debiera llamarla.
You ought to call him/her.

El jovén no se comporta como debiera.
The young man does not behave the way he ought to.

Quisiera ser optimista. - I would like to be an optimist.
Quisiera estar bien informado. - I would like to be well informed.
Quisiera cumplir mi sueño. - I would like to achieve my dream.
Quisiera poder olvidarme de tí. - I would like to be able to forget you.
Quisiera poder amarte. - I would like to be able to love you.
Quisieras llegar mañana. - You would like to arrive tomorrow.

Su hijo debiera estudiar en casa. - Your son ought to study at home.
¿Cuál debiera ser el nivel mínimo? - What ought to be the minimum level?
La Misa debiera tocar el corazón. - The mass ought to touch the heart.
Tú debieras hablar con tu madre. - You ought to speak with your mother.
Ellos debieran llamar a su amigo. - They ought to call their friend.

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