Translation Exercises with pedir, preguntar  

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Translate the sentences from English to Spanish using the verbs pedir and preguntar where appropriate.
Hint: pedir means "to ask for" while preguntar means "to ask".

1. Who asked for this book?

2. Ana ordered black coffee.

3. They asked to eat at home.

4. You asked for your girlfriend's hand.

5. You asked for a black car.

6. Edward always requests salmon.

7. We are going to ask for her to tell us the date.

8. Ask him where the reception is.

9. I asked Rosa where she is from.

10. You asked to teacher about the math problem.

11. I asked about you because you weren't at the party.

12. She asked her grandfather about his ancestors.

13. We asked you if you had seen that movie.

14. They always ask about you.


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