Translation Exercises with Preterite  

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Translate the sentences from English to Spanish

1. Several friends of mine came to visit my family last week.

2. Did you have another chemistry exam? No, I had no exams on Monday.

3. Which car did you choose? I liked both of them, but I chose the red one.

4. Professor Vélez studied both tourism and immigration in modern Spain.

5. All of us went to Mexico on January 10, 1950 and I began to study Spanish a month later.

6. I was reading all night; it was impossible to abandon such a fascinating novel.

7. He tried to open the door but he couldn't. So, he decided to wait for me. But I couldn't either.

8. He called a billion times but he couldn't talk to her. He’s not going to continue to call her.

9. I visited two hundred clients on Tuesday. I sold both books and magazines.


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