Present Perfect and Future  

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Quiz 1

Translate the Sentences

1. I have studied the lesson.

2. I will study the lesson.

3. Have you studied the lesson?

4. Will you study the lesson?

5. John has studied the lesson.

6. John will study the lesson.

7. We have studied the lesson.

8. We will study the lesson.

9. The boys have studied the lesson.

10. The boys will study the lesson.

11. I have learned the words.

12. I will learn the words.

13. Have you learned the words?

14. Will you learn the words?

15. Mary has learned the words.

16. Mary will learn the words.

17. We have learned the words.

18. We will learn the words.

19. The girls have learned the words.

20. The girls will learn the words.

21. I have visited St. Peter's church.

22. I will visit St. Peter's church tomorrow.

23. Have you visited St. Peter's church?

24. Will you visit St. Peter's church tomorrow?

25. John has visited St. Peter's church.

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Quiz 2
Answers 2

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