Subject and Verb Agreement in Spanish  

A Spanish verb agrees in form with its subject. In other words, a verb has more than one form and each form matches up with a particular kind of subject. The example below shows that Spanish has six different verb forms while English has just two: live and lives.
English Spanish
I live yo vivo
you live vives
he lives él vive
she lives ella vive
English Spanish
we live nosotros vivimos
you guys live vosotros vivis
they live (m) ellos viven
they live (f) ellas viven

(m) - masuline
(f) - feminine

The only English verb that has more than two forms in the present tense is the verb "to be" (am, is, are).

In Spanish, Second-person you pronouns use their own unique verb forms; third-person you pronouns share verb forms with third-person pronouns; see above for example.

Note: -os pronouns refer to a pair/group that is all male or mixed;
-as pronouns to pair/group that is all female.

Vosotros is used only in Spain.

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